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Management for

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Manage your products, inventories, orders and data of multiple channels in one platform, boost your efficiency on cross-channel business, optimize resource utilization, and expand your business easily!

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Have you been troubled by these problems?

Products are created repeatedly

time-consuming and inconvenient

Inventory between channels cannot be shared

which caused stockout or oversell

Process of cross-channel orders is too complicated

Orders could be timeout or missed

ShopHub provides solutions for you

One-click publishing to multiple channels

ShopHub provides a platform to store and manage all product profiles together, such as product image, detailed information, specification and category. All you have to do is to click the button and bulk publish those profiles to multiple sales channels

Quick migration between channels

Smooth migration between channels and stores, automatic data import into new channels and stores, express product publishing to channels and stores at one go, keep yourself away from repeat product creation

Unified processing across channels

ShopHub helps you automatically sync multi-channel orders, monitor your order status in real time; unified process for multi-channel orders and complete cross-channel order shipment in 2 steps

Multi-channel inventory sharing in real time

Real-time sync and sharing of multi-channel inventory, help you optimize your inventory, guarantee maximum sales efficiency, maintain safety inventory and reduce overselling risks

Multi-channel sales data analysis

What is your top-selling product? Which channel brings you the most orders? ShopHub will summarize your multi-channel sales data and analyze your business operation based on data of product, inventory and orders, so as to provide scientific, digitized suggestions

We provide more online sales solutions

Flexible choice based on your online business mode

Through ShopHub quick store migration, you can establish your own sales website within several minutes, build your brand identity online, and create your private traffic pool

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Flexible choice of multi-channel product, and post them together into your Facebook/Instagram at one go, convert your followers into customers

Generate product promotion page with aggregated channel product links by one click, help you promote your products more efficiently and convert traffics into more customers and followers

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Provides digital solutions for offline stores, contribute to one-stop management of product, inventory, order, data, etc. for offline stores & online sales channels

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You don't need to spend extra time searching ad channels and strategies, as ShopHub integrates smart ad systems to help you achieve accurate advertising with lower costs and more quality customer acquisitions

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Establish private sales website efficiently
One-click sharing of products to social media
Quick generation of cross-channel product collection page
Multi-channel management both online & offline
Contribute to customer acquisition with lower cost and higher accuracy

Why ShopHub

Easy to Use

Automatic sync of products and orders, real-time updates

Information processing with millisecond precision, smooth and quick

Safety Guarantee

HTTPS with entrypted transmission and storage for whole website, guarantee your information security

Amazon cloud security certification is suitable for overseas markets and is highly reliable

Thoughtful Services

Full support with professional service team online

Flexible switch of 5 major languages on page


About Us
ShopHub, an omni-channel SaaS management system of SHOPLINE, serves as a website building tool for more than 350,000 brands worldwide. It has a automated and simplified process for multi-channel e-commerce business sales. Our company has established our markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Core members of our team come from Internet giants of this planet, with focusing on meeting urgent needs of global e-commerce merchants and sellers, they will help merchants and sellers to properly utilize resources and reduce costs while increasing company's business performances.